Examen ejemplo de After Effects CC

Sample questions
Try out these sample questions to get a feel for the types of questions on the ACE exam. Please note
that your performance here does not indicate how you will do on the actual exam. To fully prepare
for the exam, closely review the topic areas and objectives in this Exam Guide.

1. From inside After Effects, you choose File > Browse in Bridge, which opens Adobe Bridge. You have used Labels in Bridge to select several photographs. After using Filter > Labels to view just your chosen images, which is the most efficient, correct way to import these images into After Effects at once? 

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2. An Illustrator logo has been imported multiple times into the Project panel, and these have been used in multiple compositions. You want to ensure that all instances of the logo in all compositions reference one single footage item. What should you do? 

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3. You have imported an interlaced footage item and separated its fields in its Interpret Footage dialog. Which panel or viewer allows you to step through the individual fields? 

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4. You want to scale a layer interactively in the Composition panel while maintaining the original image aspect ratio of the layer. What should you do? 

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5. Which shortcut keys are used to set the start time and end time the work area of a composition? 

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6. You have two overlapping layers in a composition, with nothing behind them. The Opacity parameter for both layers has been set to 50%. The blending mode for the layers is set to Normal. What is the resulting opacity for the area where they overlap? 

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7. You have applied a light rays effect, and notice color banding in the rays during preview. What are the two most effective ways to reduce this banding? (Choose two.) 

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8. You have a composition with multiple 3D layers, and a 3D light with a Type of Spot and Falloff set to Smooth. Which two light parameters controls which layers will be illuminated at full value? (Choose two.) 

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9. You have a layered Photoshop file that contains a layer with text. You import it into After Effects as a composition. In this resulting composition, you select the layer with the text, and attempt to choose Layer > Convert to Editable Text, but the menu is grayed out. Which is the most likely reason? 

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10. You have created a shape layer, and enabled its 3D Layer switch. What must you do before extruding and beveling this shape layer? 

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